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Herb Grinders

Herb grinders are a necessity when smoking with glass pipes. Grinders allow you to grind your tobacco into smaller pieces making it easier to smoke and light. Large pieces of tobacco or herb often times become hard to light hindering your smoking experience. Smaller pieces of tobacco will light more evenly making each hit smoother.


Herb Grinders Come In All Different Sizes

Tobacco grinders come in all different sizes, materials and design. Large tobacco grinders will produce bigger amounts of tobacco pieces when ground up. Smaller grinders will grind your tobacco more finely creating a fine dust out of the tobacco. You also have the option of purchasing an herb grinder that has a screen. This screen is set in place to collect pollen that falls off the tobacco.

Metal Grinders Are The Most Durable


Types of grinders include plastic tobacco grinders, stainless steel tobacco grinders, wooden tobacco grinders, aluminum tobacco grinders, hand crank grinders and electronic tobacco grinders. The decision is up to the you. The best grinder choice are metal tobacco grinders . Every grinder produces the same effect although metal grinders tend to hold up longer than other types. Herb grinders have a double use as often times users will carry their tobacco in the grinder.